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  • German    Inflationary Notgeld 1922-1923 - Notgeld resource with many good-sized    images from towns all over Germany plus explanations and translations of    terminology, dealer links, and valuation tips. 

  • Karl Falk Collection    of German Notgeld - Karl Falk collection of Nazi "Der Stürmer"    newspapers and German notgeld. 

  • Kurioses Notgeld    - Unusual Notgeld from Germany Deutschland 1914-24. 

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  • Notgeld - Emergency Money    - Site with general explanition about Notgeld, some scans and others.    Portuguese and English. 

  • A Notgeld Collector's Site -    Information on collecting German emergency money (Notgeld) 

  • The Notgeld    Homepage - Pictures and information on Notgeld from Austria and Germany. 

  • Perspectives in    Numismatics - Notgeld - Article by Courtney Coffing, giving an    introduction into Notgeld. 

  • What is    "Notgeld"? - Find out about different types of emergency    money.