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  • American Eagle Coins - Site    about american eagle bullion and proof coins. 

  • Barber Half Collection    - Journal about a Barber Half Collection, includes scans of coins. 

  • BEP for Kids -    Aimed at educating children ages 5 to 13 about the anti-counterfeiting    features that are present in the new 1996 and 1999 Series Federal Reserve    Notes. 

  • Building a Type Set    - Tips on how to build a beautiful type set of United States coins at    reasonable cost. 

  • Bust Coin Trading Circle    - Offering articles about early US "bust" coins, scans and trading    information. 

  • Coin Gallery Online -    Featuring famous US coins. 

  • CoinResource - A site that    promotes numismatics and coin collecting. The site includes a coin    directory, coin encyclopedia, articles, coin guide, rare coin exhibit, and    show listings. 

  • Collectors Corner - Learn    about evaluating, grading, locating and valuing collectible US coins. 

  • Fullhorn    Nickels - This site is about the Indian Head Nickel (Buffalo Nickel). 

  • Heads and Tails - Images and    information on a personal collection. 

  • Jose Cortez's Web Site -    Dedicated to Washington Quarters, especially double die varieties. 

  • Large Cents - Dedicated to    everything related to the collecting of early United States copper coins,    with an emphasis on Large Cents. Features a private collection with images    and information. 

  • Lewis and Clark Nickels -    Information about the 2004 Lewis and Clark/Louisiana Purchase nickels. 

  • Lynn Coins: Articles on Coin    Collecting - Articles, news and coin production mintages of interest to    the Coin collector or investor. 

  • Mike Locke's California Fractional    Gold - Coins for sale, coin pictures, coin book reviews, California    fractional gold coin and token information, index of related sites. 

  • MormonMoney.com - Contains    images of early Mormon coins, currency, and rare tokens. 

  • The    New Dollar Coin - Official information about the new dollar coin by the    U.S. Mint. 

  • Old Coin Shop    Coin Library with Visual Index - This is an extensive library of    information about US coins. It contains images and complete descriptions of    coins and has a "Visual Index" to assist in selecting an article.    Articles contain a bibliography. 

  • PBS: Electric Money -    Includes teaching guides, a before computers section, e-money revolution,    and fun stuff, which offers games, screen savers and desktop wallpaper. 

  • Programs for Young    Numismatists - The ANA presents information on the summer seminars,    publications, Scout workshop, internships, youth exhibiting and awards, and    the David R. Cervin Ancient Coin Project (offers free coins to youth as they    participate in collecting activities). 

  • Rainbow Toned Morgan Silver    Dollars - Bag toned Morgan silver dollars on display. 

  • Rare Coin Museum - Virtual museum of    rare coins, silver dollars, and new platinum bullion coins. Links to rare    coin dealers. 

  • Roxanne Goldberg's    Coppers - Collector page about Early American Coppers. Information on    collecting, cleaning and attribution. 

  • The SBA    Dollar: A Retrospective - This article is based on "The Susan B.    Anthony Dollar," by Jillian Leifer. Reprinted from "The    Numismatist", official publication of the American Numismatic    Association. 

  • United    States Small Size Dollar Coins - A very interesting comprehensive study    of United States small size dollar coins. 

  • U.S. and World    Colonial Coins - This site promotes the collecting of Colonial Coins in    all countries and in the U.S. 

  • U.S. Treasury Learning Vault    - Including Biographies of Secretaries and Treasurers, duties, functions,    treasury history, tours, and FAQs.