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  • Atlantic Provinces Numismatic    Association (APNA) - Non-profit numismatic organization consisting of    members located mainly throughout Canada's Eastern Maritime provinces. 

  • Calgary Numismatic Society - A    non-profit educational organization, whose objectives are to stimulate the    hobby of numismatics in general, encourage the growth and interest in    numismatics, and to assist in educating interested people in numismatics. 

  • Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers    (CAND) - A non-profit association of professional numismatic dealers who    abide by a strict Code of Ethics. 

  • Canadian Association of Wooden    Money Collectors (CAWMC) - National organization for collectors of    Canadian wooden money and tokens. 

  • Canadian Numismatic    Association (CNA) - Canada's national coin club. Information on    membership, correspondence and other courses, upcoming events, associated    clubs. 

  • Classical & Medieval    Numismatic Society (CMNS) - A Canadian based international non-profit    educational society dedicated to the study, research and publication of    information on Ancient and Medieval coins and history. 

  • Currency Museum of the Bank of    Canada - Explores the evolution and history of money throughout the    world with a focus on Canada. Available in English and in French. 

  • The Currency Museum of the    Bank of Canada - Unofficial site with illustrated introductions to each    period of Canadian coinage. 

  • Edmonton Numismatic Society,    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - The site of the club which in 1994, 1997 and    1998 won the Louise Graham Memorial Award as the best coin club in Canada.    It was the host of the 1998 CNA Convention. 

  • Halifax Regional Coin    Club - A dedicated group of members interested in promoting the hobby of    numismatics through meetings, shows, publications and other promotions. 

  • Numismatic Network Canada    - The Internet network designed for those interested in coins, tokens, paper    money and related numismatic material. 

  • Ontario Numismatic Association    (ONA) - An association of coin clubs in Ontario, Canada established as a    non-profit educational and social organization dedicated to the collector. 

  • Prince Edward Island    Numismatic Association - Information on its meetings, upcoming events    and coin collecting in general. 

  • Victoria    Numismatic Society - Victoria, British Columbia's coin club.