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  • Euro Coins    - Information about Euro Coins, Commemorative Coins, and original mint sets.    Site in English and German. 

  • Euro Coins - Information on EU coins,    banks and mints. 

  • Euro Coins Images - Offers    a free Euro coin chart in pdf format for downloading with photos of current    euro coins. Site is in Greek and English. 

  • The Eurocoin Pages -    Information about euro circulation coins, variants, errors, designs,    commemoratives, mintsets, patterns, essais, trial strikes and tokens. 

  • - A trading forum    for Euro coins. 

  • Euromaster Numismatics -    Complete catalog of Euro coins including pictures, technical informations,    mintages, circulation and commemorative coins. Free monthly newsletter about    Euros. 

  • Euroswapper - Site offers images    and descriptions of all Euro coins, and a forum to discuss Euro coins and to    swap them. 

  • EuroTracer - This non-commercial    internet project informs about Euro notes and coins and how they spread    across Europe. 

  • Informative Euro    Site - History, background information and images of all national euro    coins. 

  • Numi: Catalogue    of Circulating Euro - Euro catalogue with photos, descriptions, mintages    and emissions of every euro (regular or commemorative) in circulation. 

  • Swap EuroCoin    - Portuguese numuismatic site offering to swap Portuguese coins with other    countries. Site in English and Portuguese.