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  • Annam - History of Vietnamese    coinage from 968 to 1882. Toda's catalog. Online cash coin identifier. 

  • ANS South Asian    Coin Cabinet - Collection includes the coins of the Indian subcontinent,    of Southeast Asia as far as the Philippines, and certain ancient Central    Asian coins. 

  • Chopmarks and Philippines    Counterstamps - Chinese counterstamps (chopmarks) and Philippines    counterstamps on silver coins, mainly Spanish 8 reales coins. Includes coin    photos, articles, chop catalog with translation. Non commercial web in    English and Spanish. 

  • The Coins and History    of Asia - Comprehensive introduction to the coinage of the East, from    600 BC to 1600 AD. 

  • Ingot Currency - A collection of    silver ingots used by Vietnamese and their neighbors. 

  • Iranian Currency - Online gallery    of Iranian currency and coins. 

  • Japanese Sites    - This Site shows some collection of old coins of Japan from the year 1948    to 1964. It includes some Japanese Memorial Coins, too. 

  • Jayvee Rafanan's    Philippine Coin Catalog - Information about Philippine coins including    full description, mintage, metal content, weight, and edge. Some images    available. 

  • LakdivaCoins Collection - A    personal collection of Ancient, legally circulated colonial, and modern    coins from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) including color images. 

  • Malaysia Notes - A    collectors site about collecting coins and banknotes from Malaysia. 

  • Nupam's Webpage for    the Indian Coins - A comprehensive resource on the history of Indian    coins from ancient to modern. 

  • Palestine    Coins - Information and images about Palestinian coins. 

  • South Asia Coin Group - SACG    promotes an understanding of coins, ancient to present, from India,    Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and the    Maldives. 

  • Victoria: The Coins of British    India - Beautiful coinage of British India during the reign of Queen    Victoria, 1862-1901. 
  • Ancient Chinese Coinage Web Site -    Guide to Chinese coins and related fields. 

  • Chinese Cast Coins - Information    and images of ancient Chinese coins. 

  • Chinese Coin and Charm Images    - A library of information and images of Chinese coins and charms. 

  • Sycee On Line - Regarding    Chinese sycee currency, its history, categories, origins and the related    subjects.