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  • Bank Note    Reporter - Monthly newspaper for collectors of U.S., Confederate, and    foreign paper money. Coverage of major auctions and market conditions. 

  • The Celator - Monthly journal for    collectors of ancient coins 

  • Coin Connoisseur Magazine - Provides    information for numismatic collectors in a timely and interesting matter.    Offers contests to select the most beautiful coins of the past century.    Great graphics of gold, silver rare coins. 

  • Coin Dealer Newsletter - The    "Gray Sheet", a weekly price guide for dealers and collectors of    United States coinage. 

  • Coin News Magazine - General    magazine for coin collectors, published in Great Britain. 

  • Coins    Magazine - A monthly magazine covering market trends, buying tips, and    historical perspectives on all aspects of coins (numismatics). Includes Coin    Clinic, a Q&A column and an extensive coin show calendar of upcoming    shows nationwide. 

  • Numismatic    News - A weekly newspaper for collectors of U.S. coins, tokens, and    medals, with additional coverage of foreign coins and U.S. and foreign paper    money. Coverage of new Mint issues, ANA activities and clubs. Complete price    guide and a coin show calendar. 

  • Numizmaticos -    Monthly online periodical with news for coin and banknote collectors. 

  • World Coin    News - A monthly newspaper for collectors of world coins, tokens, and    medals. Covers major news events of the hobby. Extensive updates on new    world coin issues.