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  • Austrian Mint - A    public company owned by the Austrian National Bank. 

  • Bermuda Monetary Authority - Bermuda's    central monetary authority, responsible for the issue of Bermuda notes and    coins. 

  • British Royal Mint - Contains    information about coins and coin-making in the past and present day, the    Mint's own history and current activities. 

  • Canada: Royal Canadian Mint    - Features gold, silver, platinum and other uncirculated coins commemorating    Canada's heritage and an abundance of numismatic information. 

  • The Czech Mint - Produces    national circulating coinage and commemorative medals. 

  • Euromint - A project co-financed by    the European Community (E.C.) with the goal of creating an European    itinerary of medieval and early modern mints. 

  • French Mint / Monnaie de Paris    - Produces circulating coins (franc, euro), collection coins, gold coins,    numismatic, series, art medals, decorations, art bronzes, and jewels. 

  • How    Coins are Made - Animated story on how coins are made at the U.S. Mint. 

  • The India Government Mint - Official    web site for the government mint, offering historical information. 

  • Israel Government Coins and Medals    Corporation - National coinage, commemorative coins and medals, jewelry    and art collectibles. 

  • Japan: The Mint Bureau - The Ministry    of Finance has been engaged in manufacturing coins since 1871. 

  • Mints of the World - Listing    of world mints, both official and private, and other monetary authorities    such as Central Banks, with contact details and other information. 

  • Perth Mint - Producing    speciality coins, currency, gold, platinum, and silver bullion coins. 

  • Pobjoy Mint - The mint currently    strikes coins for many countries. 

  • Polish State Mint - Information    on the state mint in English and Polish. 

  • Rahapaja Oy: Mint of Finland -    Manufactures all the national circulation coins of Finland. Brief history,    gallery of recent commemoratives, and annual production report. 

  • Reserve    Bank of New Zealand, Collectors' Currency - Issues a variety of coin and    note products in limited numbers to collectors and dealers. 

  • Royal Australian Mint - The Mint    manufactures circulating coins for Australia as well as medals, medallions,    seals and tokens for private and public sectors and sporting and tourism    groups, both nationally and internationally. 

  • The Royal    Belgian Mint - Includes a mission statement, location, contacts and    general information about the manufacturing of coins. 

  • Royal    Dutch Mint - An interactive site including a page for supply and demand,    a CoinShop, and a CoinClub with the possibility to put your own private    Dutch coin album together. 

  • The Royal Norwegian Mint - The official    worldwide representative of the Swedish Royal Mint, the Royal Danish Mint    and the Central Bank of Iceland. (English and Norwegian) 

  • The Singapore Mint -    Official mint for Singapore. The Mint has, since its establishment,    undertaken most of the minting of Singapore's circulation coins. 

  • Slovak State Mint - Slovak    State Mint in Kremnica. 

  • The South African Mint -    Producing coins for South Africa for more than a century. 

  • Swissmint - The official mint of    Switzerland. 

  • Turkish State Mint - Official    site includes history, circulating coins, medals, commeratives, and other    products. (Site in English and Turkish) 

  • U.S. Mint - Manufacturer of US    circulating coins, Mint commemorative coins, and US Mint bullion coins.    Numismatic information, online catalog and a special kids zone.