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  • Art Nouveau and Art Deco Medals -    Pictures and information on the artists of this period. 

  • Canadian Association of Token    Collectors - Provides an introduction to the collecting of Canadian    tokens of all types. 

  • Challenge Coins - A    collection of Military Coins from all Branches of the Service. 

  • The Civil War Token Society    - A national, non-profit organization dedicated to research and education in    the field of Civil War Token collecting (including Sulters, CW encased    postage). Issues the CWT Journal four times annually. Free classified ads. 

  • Civil    War tokens - Catalog of tokens issued by nine Columbus, Ohio, merchants    during the Civil War. 

  • The Conder Cabinet - Fine    images of choice Conder tokens in full color, arranged by county and DH    number. 

  • The Conder Token    Collectors Club - A club for collectors of 18th century British    tradesmens tokens, also called Conder tokens, and related literature. 

  • Conder Tokens - News, links    and a bibliography for the Conder enthusiast. 

  • Doubloons For Trade - New    Orleans Mardi Gras Doubloons for Trade. Most Krewes, Knights and many    marching clubs. Dubloons are classified by organization, year, material and    color. 

  • Doubloony's - Information about    collecting Mardi Gras doubloons and other Mardi Gras memorabilia. 

  • Early British Tokens    - Introduces 17th, 18th and 19th century British tokens, including Conder    tokens with images, recommended books and dealers. 

  • Encased Coins of Earl    Fankhauser - What is an encased coin? Learn about 'The Penny Man' - Earl    Fankhauser - the most prolific maker of encased coins in history. 

  • The Forgotten South African Currency    - The page details the history of Southern African trade tokens. Includes    information, images and llinks. 

  • Forrest's Token Page    - Information on tokens and token collecting. Includes tokens of all kinds,    but focuses on modern arcade tokens. Also trade lists and token links. 

  • Historical and Commerative    Medals - A personal website of medals from around the world with images,    references, and background information. 

  • Medallions of the    Napoleonic Era - A personal site with images and references for European    medals, primarily French, of this era. 

  • Papal medals - This    site illustrates and lists books about Papal medals by Adolfo Modesti. 

  • The Token and Medal    Society - TAMS is the largest educational non-profit organization    devoted to furthering the exonumia field, consisting of tokens, medals,    badges and other related items. Issues the TAMS Journal 6 times annually,    free classified ads. About 1600 members. 

  • Token Trading    - Primarily for trading arcade, batting cage and amusement type tokens but    other types of tokens (transportation, carwash) are available. 

  • Tokens from    the Lewis and Clark 1905 Expo - This site shows the tokens and medals    from the 1905 L&C Centennial Expo in Portland Oregon. 

  • Trade Token    Tales - Educational site with historical articles on trade tokens, bar    checks, bingles, seco, metal chits, parking tokens, and good fors. 

  • Transportation Token Database -    Online transportation token database. Thousands of tokens displayed along    with descriptions, size, composition, city, state, year minted, and value. 

  • Wooden Nickel Historical Museum    - Dedicated to the history of Wooden Nickels, and their many different uses,    such as souvenirs, tokens, coupons, collecting, trade pieces, state fairs,    and centennials.