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  • Baker Numismatics -    Photographic image library of coins with doubled dies, repunched mintmarks,    over mintmarks, and repunched dates. 

  • Canadian Error Coins    - Information and some images of circulating errors, including an overview    of die varieties. Site in English and French. 

  • Collecting Error Coins    - Just as nearly every family has its black sheep, virtually every coin    series has its failures. These are known as errors or mis-struck coins, and    have a following all their own. 

  • Combined Organizations of Numismatic    Error Collectors of America - National numismatic organization devoted    to error and variety collectors. 

  • Error Coins Magazine - Monthly    magazine devoted to error coin collecting. Available by subscription. 

  • Error World - Internet club    devoted to error and variety coinage of all kinds. 

  • Israel Error Coins    - The site focuses on Israeli error coins but also features Canadian, U.S.    and others. See bi-metallic errors, coins struck on scrap metal, and others. 

  • Jason's    Error Coins - Images of a collection of error coins. Wheat cents,    Mercury dimes and other assorted. 

  • Rotated Die Coin Census - Census    for US coins with major die rotation of 90 degrees to 180 degrees, includes    Fake error detection and measurment indices. 

  • Silver Dollar VAMs - Detailed    information on silver dollars, specifically Morgan and Peace Dollar die    varieties known as VAMs. 

  • World Error Coins - Describes    and illustrates dramatically mis-struck foreign coins. Includes information    on recognizing various types of error coins as well as articles on how to    get started collecting eror them.