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  • Chelsea's Penny Page    - A listing of elongated coins to trade, including related links and    information. 

  • Copper Memories -    Coin-rolling machine manufacturer. Also has a collector's club. 

  • The Elongated    Coin Collection - Lots of pictures, and trade list. 

  • Elongated Coins -    Photographs of personal collection of elongated coins from around the    country. 

  • The Elongated    Internet - Information and links on elongated coins. 

  • The Florida Penny Press    Locator - Listing of elongate presses throughout the state. 

  • James Kilcoyne's    Elongated Pennies Page - Burma-Shave and other elongated coins. 

  • Luck 'E' Penny - Includes a map    showing museums as well as locations of elongated coin rolling machines,    links to other collectors and historical information on elongates. 

  • The Mashed Penny -    Information about elongated or smashed pennies. Includes awards, My    collection, links and penny locator. 

  • Parkpennies.com - Disneyland    collectable elongated coins and pressed penny references. Includes news,    files, guides and pictures of pressed pennies and machines. 

  • The Penny Atlas - A place for    collectors of elongated coins to research the location of elongate presses    in the United States. Contains a database searchable by states, theme, and    keyword. The database is interactive and updateable by the user. 

  • Smashed Pennies - A    personal collection of elongated coins, with pictures, descriptions,    anecdotes of the hunt for the elusive penny smasher. 

  • Spinning Coins - A    collector page about elongated or rolled coins. 

  • TEC: The Elongated Collectors - The    official web site for collectors of elongated coins. Includes historical    information, links and a organizational information. 

  • Thom's Squished Penny Page -    Squished, rolled, elongated Pennies for sale.