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  • Bob Koelle's Coin Pages -    Personal collection including coins, notes, tokens, and notgeld with some    offered for trading. 

  • The Coin    Collector Index - Collectors with e-mail and/or web site. 

  • Coin    Collectors and Traders List - Collectors with e-mail and/or web site,    grouped by country. 

  • Coin    Collectors Webring - Webring with collectors sites, and other sites for    collectors. 

  • Coin Traders of the    World by Steve - Over 600 collectors interested in trading with e-mail    adress and/or web site. 

  • Site of the Numismatist - Russian    collector displays collection with images and description, and offers to    trade. (Site in Russian and English) 

  • Too Many Coins - The site for    swapping and general information on coins with links to coin sites, images    are available.