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  • Alexandria    Coin Club's Show Listings - A complete listing of coin shows in the    Washington DC area. 

  • Beedon's    California Show List - Provides a well compiled listing of coin shows    throughout California. 

  • Canadian Coin News Events    Calendar - Coin show listings of primarily Canada and northern US. 

  • Capital District Coin Dealers Association    Coin Show - Monthly coin show. Information on location, time and    particpants is available. 

  • Central States Numismatic    Society Show Listings - Coin Show listings for central US and Canada. 

  • Coin Shows - Listings of coin    shows all over the world. 

  • Coin Shows Hints    - A brief article about what to expect at a coin show and how to handle    negotiations with dealers when buying or selling. 

  • CoinWorld Show    Calendar - A state by state show calendar. 

  • Detailed local and national coin    show schedules - Provides a list of coin shows that are happening in an    area with just one click. Information is complete and up-to-date. 

  • Illinois Numismatic    Association: Upcoming Shows - Coin Show schedule for Illinois 

  • London    Coin Fair - The promoter's site for a coin show held three times a year    in London UK. 

  • Long Beach Expo Coin and    Collectibles Expo - Coin show held every February, June, and October in    Long Beach, California. 

  • Midland Coin Fair    - Monthly UK coin show held on the B4104 between Birmingham and Coventry. 

  • North Carolina    Numismatic Association - Show Schedule - Coin show calendar for North    Carolina and neighboring states. 

  • Ohio Coin Expo - Coin shows and    coin auctions 

  • Pacific    Northwest Coin Shows - A list of coin shows throughout the north western    US. 

  • PNNA Coin Show & Events    Calendar - Current and accurate information on coin shows of the    north-western United States. 

  • The Santa Clara Coin Show -    National coin, stamp, and sports cards conventions with over 300 bourse    tables and auctions. 

  • Torex Coin Show - Canadian numismatic    event held three times annually in downtown Toronto.