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  • Ancient to Early Medieval    Bi-metallics - A quick review of early bi-metallic coinage. 

  • Bi-metallics Coins,    Tokens - Includes articles on the subject, and some images. 

  • Encased    Coins of Earl Fankhauser - Encased coins are a variety of bi-metallics.    Learn about 'The Penny Man'-- Earl Fankhauser -- the most prolific maker of    encased coins in history. 

  • Joel Anderson: World coins - An    offering of world coins and paper money and associated catalogs. Interesting    list of bi-metallic coins for sale, with some scans. 

  • W.B.C.C. - Online site of the    Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club, created to pool information about    this type of coin. Includes catalogue, an image gallery, and all the club's    newsletters.