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  • Aeqvitas Ancient Coins - Pictures    of Roman, Greek and other ancient world coins. 

  • American    Numismatic Society - List of images of ancient coins with descriptions    and references to the standard literature. 

  • Ancient Coin Collectors Guild - A    non-profit organization committed to promoting the free and independent    collecting of coins from antiquity. The goal of this guild is to insure    collectors can legally acquire and hold any numismatic item of historical    interest regardless of date or place of origin. 

  • Ancient Coin Resource Center - Find    useful information about ancient history, the ancient coin market, and    societies. Sponsored by the Celator. 

  • Ancient Coin Vault - Online    auctions, classifieds, forums, coin gallery, coin store, and chat room are    available here to discuss and learn about ancient coins. 

  • Ancient Coins    - An educational site by Dr. Tom Buggey. Coins of Rome, Greece, and other    cultures are featured along with many resources for attributing. Maps of    ancient Greece and Rome, mints, essays, and other illustrations are    featured. 

  • Ancient Greek and Roman    Coins - A site to delight beginners and advanced collectors alike; by    Doug Smith 

  • Ancient Roman and    Greek Coins - Answers to frequently asked questions. Mostly for    beginners, but some advanced material can be found, too. 

  • Beast Coins - On-line collection    of ancient and world coins, specializing in animal and architecture topics. 

  • - An online    archive of ancient coins featured in major numismatic auctions. The site    features a search engine and allows you to view the original text, images,    and prices realized from many auction catalogs. 

  • Coins of Ancient Miletos - An    introduction to the bronze, silver, and electrum coins of the ancient Greek    city of Miletos (Miletus) in Ionia. 

  • Coins of Moldavia and    Wallachia - A survey into some private collections and a database of    romanian medieval coins in net auctions. Site includes images and    information. (English and Romanian) 

  • David R. Sear - Dedicated to    ancient numismatics - Greek, Roman and Byzantine. Browse through books on    ancient coins, read about the Ancient Coin Certification Service, and read    ancient numismatic and historic articles at the Academy. 

  • Digital Historia Numorum Project    - Greek and Roman Provincial coin reference. Historical and numismatic    information. 

  • Fitzwilliam Museum:    Coins and Medals - Interesting exhibitions covering roman and other    ancient coins. 

  • FORVM`s Classical    Numismatics - Discussion board which includes "Coin of the    Day" polls and never-ending coin cleaning contest. 

  • Indian Coins - Coins of    ancient, medieval and Islamic India with a little history. 

  • Introduction to Ancient    Coins - An introduction to ancient coins for those who know little about    this area of coin collecting. 

  • Ken's    Steiglitz - Unpublished, rare, unusual, or unattributed ancient coins    with images. 

  • Polymathematica -    Multidiscipline site about science with good information about cleaning    ancient coins. 

  • So you    want to collect Ancient Coins? - A beginner's guide to collecting    ancient coins cheaply and enjoyably. 

  • St    Andrews Database Index of Coins - The electronic index of the Sylloge of    Coins of the British Isles, a series published for the British Academy by    the Oxford University Press 1958-. 

  • Stein    RÝrvik's Ancient Coins - A collector page about ancient coins with    historical information and images. 

  • The Titles of the    European Rulers - The site helps to decipher coin legends with titles of    the European kings, princes, dukes, counts and other rulers. 

  • Twelve Caesars - Ancient coin site    with something for all levels of collectors. Section on making ancient coins    a family affair. 

  • Wildwinds - Archive with search    function that lists Roman coins by Emperor or by Sear number, Greek coins by    Sears number or city and Byzantine coins by Sears number and Ruler.